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Location A is the Port of Thassos Town

The blue line is the road tha guide you to Villa Elaionas location B

Villa Elaionas is less than 15 min from Thassos Town (13 Km) and only 5 minutes from Skala Prinos (3 Km).

You can fly to Airport Kavala or to the international airport of Thessaloniki. From there you can use the new highway Egnatia up to the port of Kavala or Keramoti where you can catch the ferry. There are frequent connections with the ports of Skala Prinos and Thassos Town.

There are direct flights to Kavala or Thessaloniki from all major capitals in Europe (in this case the trip can be continued either by bus or taxi). Besides, there are transit flights from Athens to Kavala.

Villa Elaionas, Skala Rachoni, Thassos.
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